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EDP (Eau De Parfum) or EDT (Eau De Toilette)?

Perfumes vary on the basis of the essences and concentration ratios. These differences are generally expressed on the bottles or labels, such as 100 ml EDT or 75 ml EDP. In perfume dropshipment or fragrance dropshipment it is important that you have both options available. Whereas  EDP (Eau De Parfum) has an essence ratio of 18% or higher, this is lower in EDT (Eau De Toilette) which has a ratio of roughly 10%. This means that an EDP has a stronger fragrance and is longer lasting than an EDT. With colognes this ratio is even lower with a ratio of approximately 3%. This is also expressed in perfume wholesale prices. Examples of wholesale perfume cheap are usually those which contain glycerin or other artificial ingredients instead of musk or ambergris.

Although high-quality, long lasting fragrances determine the quality of the perfume, you shouldn’t use these perfumes in areas where you will sweat a lot. The combination of perfume with the smell of sweat can not only spoil the smell of perfume, but also spread the smell of suppressed sweat.

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