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Where to spray perfume?

While spraying, keep the bottle at a 15 cm distance of you. This way you will prevent perfume stains on your clothes. Don’t overdo it with the fragrance on one spot. Instead, vary between your body parts. Perfumes are generally sprayed on the inside of our elbows, wrists, neck, behind our ears and knees. However, when we rub our wrists together after spraying fragrances, this leads to a shorter timeframe in which we can really enjoy our perfume. Instead of rubbing, wait for it to dry by itself. Timing is important as well. You can use perfume approximately fifteen minutes after a shower, when you are completely dry and your skin may absorb the fragrance better. With these tips you can get the best out of your perfume. If you are in the dropshipment perfume or dropshipment fragrance business you may want to generally inform customers about the use of products with these type of tips as well. If you are active in the Europe wholesale perfume business you might also want to take a look at regional demands to build a client portfolio.

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